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October 17, 2013

New 'US Foods' App Simplifies Professional Kitchen Inventory

Running a professional kitchen requires many different hats. Executive chefs have to manage everything in a business from rent to inventory, with a tremendous amount of volatility. One of the biggest issues responsible for creating this environment of volatility is controlling the perishable inventory. Knowing exactly what is available and when it was purchased is critical to ensure spoilage is kept to an absolute minimum. A new application by US Foods is providing a very practical solution for resolving issues with inventory by allowing customers to create orders, track deliveries, and manage invoices from their smartphone or tablet.

This new application allows restaurateurs and food service professionals to access their inventory anytime and anywhere on their mobile device or personal computer on the company's online ordering site. The orders can be initiated on any device and continued on the mobile application if the order needs to be amended 24/7. The application is available for Android and iOS platforms.

The app is designed for seamless integration and speed with features for real-time order synching, voice inputs, barcode scanning, and nutritional filters. This allows customers to create and edit orders by searching the entire catalog of US Foods and viewing images and nutritional information. Once the order has been finalized, the status of the delivery can be monitored with date and times.

"While other apps exist in the industry, the utility and seamless integration of the US Foods mobile app goes above and beyond anything currently available. This app makes it easier than ever before to be a US Foods customer and is another way we are staying true to our commitment to innovation," said Stuart Schuette, chief operating officer at US Foods.

The application allows multiple users to access the invoice to find out what has been purchased in English and Spanish with invoice search by date range, invoice number, or document type. The data can then be shared with text or e-mail.

US Foods has more than 200,000 customers in the United States including independent and multi-unit restaurants, healthcare and hospitality organizations, government, and educational institutions. It is the 10th largest privately held company in America and generates around $22 billion in annual revenues by offering more than 350,000 products.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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