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October 18, 2013

Recruiters Get a New Tool for Their Arsenal

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you have, no doubt, come across many recruiters, who are, invariably, LinkedIn LIONS (LinkedIn Open Networkers). Much of their success in their career revolves around their LinkedIn network and the talent in it (as well as other features of LinkedIn, like ads). Recognizing this, LinkedIn has released a new iOS app, Recruiter Mobile.

The features of the new app will make life easier and more productive for recruiters: the ability to view the full profiles of all of LinkedIn’s 238 million-plus members, getting hiring manager feedback on candidates, forwarding prospects to hiring managers, adding new prospects to project folders, and replying to InMail from candidates on-the-go (with the ability to respond via InMail, SMS, or by phone). Mashable’s Kurt Wagner notes that non-iOS users are able to download the new app from LinkedIn’s Web browser.

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To view the app in action, watch the video below. In the video, a recruiter is shown working from various locations, including a plane, showing how, thanks to improved in-flight Wi-Fi and the new app, recruiters really can do their work from anywhere.

For the other side of the recruiting relationship, the candidates, LinkedIn has also released an iOS app called Mobile Work With Us. When someone looks at the mobile profiles of a company’s employees, they will be shown relevant jobs available at that company. In his blog post announcing the new apps, Parker Barrile, senior director of product at LinkedIn, called the app “one of the best ways to reach passive candidates” and said that it is “a powerful way to turn your employees into brand ambassadors.”

These apps will, no doubt, help recruiters identify talent and qualified candidates and keep hiring managers happy. Barrile promised that LinkedIn is “just getting started,” so what they have in store for recruiters in the future could be very promising.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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