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October 21, 2013

VoX Communications Adds South African Phone Numbers

VoX Communications, a subsidiary of Pervasip Corp, and a cloud-based VoIP provider, has just finished adding South African phone numbers as part of its plan to give access to 60 calling countries for its users. Founded in 2004, the company has since pursued the goal of delivering video and voice communications to users through the cloud in an affordable and flexible manner. Its latest move in South Africa has brought it one step closer to this goal.

Its Android and iOS apps bring the platform into mobile phones. For ultimate convenience, the app also gives users the option to integrate it into their native dialing applications, making it easy to place an outgoing call without having to hunt for the app beforehand.

Regarding the South Africa rollout, CIO Mark Richards said, “We currently have local telephone numbers for South Africa, Mexico, and Britain. The telephone numbers from these three countries are working perfectly, with a high voice quality and reliability and we are especially pleased with this achievement because we did not need to deploy any hardware in a foreign country. Through our cloud-based mobile data platform and industry partners, we plan to leverage our technology and the cloud to rapidly expand our presence in 60 countries.”

Currently, it is possible for users to call into 60 different countries and choose plans that allow them to have unlimited minutes to those destinations at a rock-bottom price. However, they can only choose to have virtual phone numbers in three countries. This will soon change, as Richards optimistically pointed out.

He continued: “We look forward to the predictability of now deploying successful projects for these numbers and seeking other global partners that can launch products in the local markets within the 60 countries that we can now support. We currently have 200 millisecond round trips from Johannesburg to our data center, and can step out of the media on calls with South Africa, where peer to peer media is very important for reliable high quality voice.”

Edited by Alisen Downey

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