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October 22, 2013

Hate IE? Maxthon Pitches Smartphone Browser Choice

The new way to build browser share is to bundle it with a phone – and then hopefully sell the phone! Most smartphone users simply go with comes with it: iPhones folks opt for Safari and Windows phone types just use IE. The same is essentially true for tablets. It is only the PC market where users really pick and choose browsers these days.

It doesn’t have to be that way, or so believes Maxthon, which this week came out with a new browser for Windows phones.

Maxthon for Windows Phone is aimed at both high performance and usability, the company claims.

Maxthon already has browsers for Android and iOS, browsers that use the cloud to sync data and settings between multiple devices. For instance, your bookmarks can be the same on your smartphone and PC or Mac.

“With mobile devices becoming the first screen for most of the world's population, we here at Maxthon understood the importance of making our leading cloud browser available on all mobile platforms," said Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. "We listened to our users and developed a Windows Phone browser with unmatched features and usability to bring the best browsing experience to all Windows Phone users."

The multi-device support is now extended to Windows Phones. This support is activated by setting up a Maxthon Passport account, which is free.

As pioneered by Firefox, Maxthon uses tabs to ease the navigation between pages. It is also claimed to be easy to move amongst sites in your history with simple swipes.

On the Windows side, the browser exploits Microsoft’s Live Tiles interface.

Maxthon thinks its browser is just what the Windows Phone doctor ordered. “Windows Phone users deserve a browser that better serves their wants and needs,” said Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon's International Efforts. "We're always looking to offer new ways to browse the Web faster and more easily.”

The company has been boosting its partner base and now has allies in over 70 countries. One approach is to OEM the browser so it can be pre-installed on devices. Partners can also custom the browser so it precisely suits their needs.

Market Share to Cry For

Maxthon now over a decade old, and despite its partners, still has minute market share, at least according Net Applications which earlier this year found Safari with a huge lead, coming in at 61 percent market share. Android was a bit better than 21 percent, and these two top browsers were the only ones to crack the double digit mark.

Pictured: Mobile Browser Share (click to enlarge)

Edited by Alisen Downey

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