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October 25, 2013

InMobi Changes the Face of Mobile Advertising with New Formats

Almost every free app on the planet has some form of advertising or another. These forms range anywhere from mildly annoying to, “For Pete's sake, how do I close this?” Frustratingly, there's little being done in the department of making ads more people-friendly. But while some companies are content to continue displaying ads in a way that seems either creepy or annoying, InMobi is hard at work to try to make things a little bit easier from all perspectives, including those of the user, the developer and the advertiser.

InMobi recently introduced two new mobile ad formats called AppGalleries and Custom Ads. The purpose of these new platforms is to help developers and advertisers better engage their users and monetize their products in ways that are less eye-popping and more, “Ah!” The new ad system will allow developers to introduce ad content faster, in a way that contrasts less with the layout that lies around the ads displayed (in other words, the apps won't look like billboard-riddled highways).

AppGalleries and Custom Ads both hint at their roles with their names. Using AppGalleries, developers will get to create app galleries and monetize them by displaying relevant sponsored apps. It works kind of like how Google's sponsored results work. Search results pages include, at the very top, sponsored results for paying advertisers.

Custom Ads is very unique. It allows developers to display in-app ads in a way that blends in with the app seamlessly. They have a choice of frames, templates, effects, colors and many other gizmos to play with in order to catch the user's eye without making it look like a complete disaster. Developers will be able to choose different animated effects, and even test different ad formats side-by-side to pick and choose the best one among them (ad display tournaments, anyone?).

While this may not be the perfect solution to eye-sore advertising, it's something that users will hate less. At this moment, that's all that counts. After all, you can't expect for advertising to look like a bouquet of roses. This is as close as it gets so far until the next big thing!

Edited by Rachel Ramsey

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