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November 04, 2013

Casio Releases Two Musical Accompaniment iOS Apps

When people think of Casio, they most likely think of the electronic keyboards that were popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Over the last year, the company has made a serious push to join the 21st century. The latest move by the firm is the announcement of a couple of iOS applications that will allow people to play a musical accompaniment alongside their favorite songs. The two new apps, released on Halloween, are called Chordana Tap and Chordana Viewer. ZZZTMCMIDZZ These particular mobile applications are not the very first foray into the 21st century tech market by Casio. The company has also done some work on wearable tech and even released it’s own Smartphone earlier this summer. This does appear to be the first time that Casio has dipped its toe in the iOS application waters. 

The new applications use Casio’s proprietary Chordana music analysis technology that performs a couple of high tech moves. Chordana can detect musical chord progressions by analyzing the frequency and temporal changes of any audio file. This tech allows for users to play accompaniment to songs that are stored on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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 Chordana Tap allows the user to play this music simply by tapping on the screen. Chordana Tap is a free application that allows users to play four different virtual instruments and sounds to choose from. Users can also lay out that they want the rhythm to match the song that they are listening to.  The Casio application guides the users through their song of choice by using color-coded chords and will allow for five different musical styles.

 The Chordana Viewer is a more complex application that helps create chord charts that go along with the performer. The $9.99 application works by automatically detecting chord progressions and displaying them on the screen as a chord chart. These charts can then be modified and saved and will automatically change if the user wants to change the key. This application also allows for people to actually record their performances right alongside their favorite music.

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