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November 06, 2013

What's in a Word? Apparently a Great Deal as the New LG G Flex Smartphone Really Does Flex

Recently we provided a lot of detail on LG's latest invention - its new G Flex curved display smartphone. We noted at the time that the new device curved along its horizontal axis, and that as with the recently announced Samsung Round the device had a fixed curve to it. That is, it didn't actually flex, it was merely curved - which is the case with the Samsung Round. We also noted that the new device has a new skin on its case that will "self-heals" scratches. We speculated that this simply meant that a scratch would be easily rubbed - or rather buffed - out over a short period of time of use.

Well, we have to admit that we were essentially wrong in both cases. At a recent LG demonstration held in South Korea, LG demonstrated that in fact the self-healing properties of the LG Flex G mean exactly that - a scratch will truly self-heal over a fairly short period of time all by itself. The company has set up an automated "scratch and heal" demo that shows off exactly this capability. LG simply claims it is magic. We have to assume that those who have reported on this as eye witnesses aren't fibbing about it, and as such we have to call it very cool!

Further, it appears that LG chose to use the word "flex" in the name of the new smartphone for a very good reason. It turns out that the G Flex really does flex. The company demoed this as well and we have in hand a video that offers clear and undeniable proof of it.

Of course we do know that the pure screen itself is indeed completely flexible. But as with most others we assumed that LG would merely curve the display to fit a rigidly curved smartphone case. This is what the Samsung Round does. Once again it turns out we were completely wrong in making this assumption. It turns out that the LG G Flex case, circuit boards and battery, in combination with the flexible display, actually and truly flexes in its entirety.

Though we can certainly imagine a flexible enough case and circuit boards that provide a bit of give in order to flex a bit, it is the battery that we are perhaps most interested in here. As we noted in our original review, the battery was designed by LG Chem, a sister company to LG, which has been working on new battery technologies. Though we were aware that the new Flex G battery was curved to fit the shape of the smartphone itself, we were not aware that it was also able to flex. In truth, perhaps it doesn't. Perhaps it merely shifts within the case and within the tight profile curve of the G Flex. It doesn't matter though- either way it is impressive that LG has managed this.

We've provided the video below that shows the LG G Flex actually flexing. It is worth noting that perhaps the actual designed curve is rather modest in its aspect - it isn't a significant curve by any means. Still, the flex is there and it is just as cool as the new magic case skin that self-heals. It's only available in South Korea, at least for now, but this is one device we hope to see make its way across the Pacific Ocean.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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