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November 07, 2013

iPPea Launches AirPea on Amazon, Sells Out

As watching Web content (and even replacing cable and satellite with Web content) becomes more popular, options that make the viewing experience more pleasurable are also on the rise. For people who are tired of using their PS3 controller as a remote, iPPea may have a solution: the AirPea Mini-Cloud Dongle.

The new contraption, which looks like a flash drive, can transform a smartphone into a remote control or mouse, which enables full content sharing on an HDMI-enabled HDTV. Not only that, but it also enables users to share content between devices. Users in a personal, professional, or educational group can share their content via the cloud. It has the usual capabilities, like sharing content from Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube, but it also allows users to use thousands of Android apps. One Amazon reviewer said that he returned his Chromecast because “its features were so few compared with the AirPea.”

After the product (then still in development) debuted at CES 2013, Alan Kahn, chief technology officer for AirPea, was quoted in iTersNews as saying that users could use their smartphone as a mouse and keyboard: “I can select a video that I want to play there and the volume control can be adjusted on the hand phone. Not only playing a video, but also, we can edit a word document on the large screen. I can also control the cursor not only for writing or typing, but do voice input.” 

While there will certainly be many consumers using this, the real appeal lies in the potential applications for business meetings and educational settings.

The AirPea Mini-Cloud Dongle, which retails at $79.99, is available exclusively through Amazon.com. It would appear that the product is incredibly popular, because, although it was just announced on November 4th, it is temporarily out of stock on Amazon.

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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