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November 11, 2013

TeamViewer 9 Beta Launched

With so many mobile devices, creating a solution that allows users to engage each other for business or pleasure is essential. TeamViewer's platform is designed to take advantage of the increasing power of mobile devices for communications solutions by accessing a desktop or server computer. TeamViewer develops and distributes high-end solutions for online communications, collaboration and remote monitoring of IT systems. With a user base of more than 200 million around the world, the platform provides a reliable collaborative communication solution.

The company has launched its beta version of TeamViewer 9, the new online meeting and remote control software to address some concerns from its users and introduce new features.

The new version has several new features including Wake-on-LAN function, which allows users to turn on remote computers over the Internet with a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone and Service Queue, which provides IT support teams with improved customer service solutions by being able to manage, share and assign support request for instant support. This feature gives users the option of joining remote support sessions without having to exchange ID and password by just using a unique session code.

Additional features of the new version include: two factor authentication, easy file sharing, universal clipboard, notifications, and custom branding.

The company is also launching its public API, so the TeamViewer software can be integrated into existing infrastructure to provide developers with more flexibility with two new API features:

Reporting API – a language-neutral and power REST API.

User Management API – allows organizations to minimize disruption by synchronizing user data between the company’s existing user management system and TeamViewer.

The beta version is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux systems with described features sets varying depending on the operating system.

"TeamViewer has always been focused on remote support functionality. With TeamViewer 9, we are going back to the roots and offering even better features for support teams in companies large and small. The release of the API is a major milestone for our company. We can finally provide outside developers with access to create sessions from their software and integrate with the data they manage within the TeamViewer infrastructure," said Kornelius Brunner, Head of Product Management.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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