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November 25, 2013

Dropbox Updates Mobile App for iOS 7

The new minimalist design features faster launch, photo loading and playback. Saving videos to Dropbox is easy, and both sharing and exporting functions have improved. The new app has created a wide range of updates for PDF viewing, and it has fixed common crash causes as well as a bug that caused HTML to render as text.

iPad users can toggle their documents and photos to full screen with a tap. Also, thanks to AirDrop, users can share links and files with close-by iOS 7 devices. The improvements, according to Dropbox's blog, "set the stage for exciting things to come."

Executives recently valued Dropbox at $8 billion. The company has doubled its user base in just one year to over 200 million users. Earlier this month, the company purchased Sold, although it has shut down Sold's online sales functionality. The company is seeking $250 million in venture capital, and CEO Drew Houston recently said, "We have a lot of stuff cooking."

Dropbox has suffered some security-related black eyes over the past year-and-a-half. The company suffered a data breach in August 2012, which they discovered after users started receiving spam e-mails at addresses used only for Dropbox. Also, in August 2013, security researchers from CodePainters announced that they had hacked private Dropbox user files. 

The company argued that a user's entire computer would have to be hacked to reverse engineer the portion of Dropbox that runs on user computers. Still, the discovery undermined Dropbox security efforts, including two-factor authentication, which had been used to woo enterprise clients.

The CodePainter hackers have called upon Dropbox to create an open-source version, which would allow anyone to see its code and verify that the service was secure. In the meantime, Dropbox has created separate containers for personal and business files.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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