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November 25, 2013

Corning Installs Special Antennas At AmericasMart Atlanta

Corning is a company that has made quite a name for itself when smartphones became popular. Its special “gorilla” glass is in virtually every mid-range and high-end device out there. What people may not be aware of is that it's also a chief manufacturer of fiber-optic equipment and other optical fiber products. It was the pioneer behind low-loss optical fiber back in the 70's and continues to develop high-quality materials for consumers and businesses worldwide.

The company behind all these great products has just installed a distributed antenna system (DAS) in AmericasMart Atlanta, so that exhibitors and guests at events taking place within its walls will enjoy a super-charged connection through their mobile devices.

Jeff Portman, CEO of AmericasMart Atlanta, said, “Our investment in innovative technology solutions like the Corning DAS speaks to our commitment to doing whatever is necessary to ensure our merchants' success. The DAS allows us to provide AmericasMart attendees the ability to do business without having to worry about slow data speeds or spotty voice coverage.”

The DAS in question has an impressive array of 1,300 antennas and over 250 remotes hooked up to fiber lines. This will make it much easier to handle the network chatter from the thousands of regulars at the events held within AmericasMart. It's also a testament to Corning's dedication to providing superior services.

Mike O'Day, VP of optical connectivity solutions at Corning, also spoke about the installation: “Corning is excited to provide the DAS to AmericasMart Atlanta, the nation's premier wholesale trade center. We're continuing to see a growing demand for indoor cellular systems not only from wireless operators, but also from organizations like AmericasMart who want to ensure their customers receive the best service possible.”

The AmericasMart installation took only 12 weeks, and the trade center did not need to close its doors at any point during this period. Installation of the antennas was managed by H&M NetWorks, a company specializing with the design and implementation of networks and their equipment.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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