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December 09, 2013

AT&T Listen Up, Lower Costs for the Contract-Free

AT&T has listened to the complaints of many of its consumers who are using its contract-free service and is finally offering them cheaper options. As of Sunday December 8,  off-contract customers can seize the new Mobile Share Value Plans, a suite of discounted services.  

Since AT&T unveiled its contract-free alternative, users have been griping about the fact that despite purchasing a phone for full retail price (unlike most contracted clients who are offered enticing rebates), they've not been provided any discounted rate plans by AT&T. Essentially, it's as though these users are being charged extra in their monthly rate for not subscribing to a full year or two. With the new plans, off-contract users will save about $15 a month, paying tantamount to what contracted users pay. Of course, in order to be eligible, customers must meet a few crucial requirements. They must be able to prove that they purchased their phones at full-retail price; the phone must be compatible with AT&T (a bit of a not brainer, but a disclaimer nonetheless); and they must have either already finished their contract with AT&T or be a participant in AT&T's Next early upgrade plan, which lets users pay an additional monthly fee in order to receive a “free” phone upgrade every year.

David Christopher, chief marketing officer of AT&T Mobility, said in a company statement that with the new offering customers “don't have to compromise.” He goes on to explain that the “no contract option lets customers add a smartphone to the nation's fastest and most reliable 4G LTE network at a lower monthly cost. Customers want great value and a premium network — and now they can save more and get unlimited talk, text and data to share."

And that's not all. AT&T Next participants can choose to upgrade every 18 months, rather than every 12, to make for lower monthly payments.  While Verizon remains firmly at the top of the mobile carrier food chain, this is a good chance for AT&T to gain some ground, as Verizon's plans and offerings aren't budging, at least not yet, which makes us wonder: What master move has it got in the works?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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