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December 16, 2013

Tapjoy Releases Survey of Consumers' Travel Arrangements on Mobile Devices

Mobile technology has improved the way we carry out many of our daily tasks by introducing a certain degree of efficiency. Whether it is paying for a service or finding the location of our favorite eatery, smartphones have become an integral part of the world we live in today. This includes making travel arrangements using apps or surfing the Web to find the best deals. The busiest traveling season of the year is upon us and making travel arrangements during the holidays takes a very brave soul. But thankfully travelers can now book their itinerary online, and increasingly travelers are using their mobile devices.

A new infographic released by Tapjoy, Inc, a mobile performance-based advertising platform that drives deep engagement and monetization opportunities for app publishers, looks at how travelers are using their mobile devices to make travel arrangements. According to the survey, travelers are using 20 percent of smart phones and tablets for Internet traffic, which is a considerable margin for one industry.

The survey was conducted on Tapjoy's network and the goal of the survey was to find out how many travelers research their trips on their mobile devices; how travelers purchase tickets on mobile; and how far in advance are travelers planning their trips. The insight has provided the relationship between consumers and their mobile devices regarding how they research and make travel arrangements.

Some of the key points in the survey were:

  • Over half of consumers search for travel deals and promotions on their mobile device;
  • 16 percent purchase flight tickets on their mobile device;
  • 72 percent book their travel less than three months ahead;
  • When making last-minute arrangements, 63 percent prefer using their mobile device and/or a mobile app on their device;
  • 74 percent would request more information about a travel company after seeing an ad or video on their mobile device.

The Tapjoy survey has proven consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to make travel arrangements if it is readily available on this platform. The travel industry can make this process more efficient by creating websites that are designed to be compatible with mobile technology.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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