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December 20, 2013

Advertisers, Seize the Tablet Trend

According to a recent survey conducted by Adroit Digital, 55 percent of consumers would consider replacing a PC with a tablet. Fifty-six percent said they are more likely to respond to an ad they see on a tablet, than one they see on their personal computer. This trend will likely continue, and while the personal computer probably won't be entirely phased out, it will probably lose its relevance to advertisers. It's good news that their ads are reaching people on mobile devices, but can more be done to maximize the value of the tablet?

Adroit Digital surveyed 1,000 adults in the U.S and Canada, and its findings probably aren't shocking to any executive charged with engineering marketing campaigns. Hopefully, companies upped the mobile ante for advertisements being featured this holiday season, and are heading into 2014 with all eyes on iPads and other devices.

Advertising on tablet as opposed to a computer may not seem so different, but there are important distinctions. The first step of creating your ad campaign, should be to yourself in the position of prospective users — literally.  Get on your own tablet and scroll around the web. Try and think about how you are reading articles, the frequency of your clicking away from one site  to another, and what ads distract you as they pop up because for advertisements, distraction is a good thing. Spend some time on your personal computer and do all of what you did on your tablet on your PC. You'll probably find that you were a lot busier on the tablet, and that ads were more successful partly because you were multi-tasking, which is one of the greatest aspects of the tablet. It caters to a short, if not downright infinitesimal attention span.

Once you're totally tuned in with how the tablet works and how your mind is actually in a different mode than when you are on a PC, you'll be able to leverage more advertising opportunities. Have fun, because at the end of the day, tablets are very much that: fun. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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