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January 06, 2014

Vintage Meets Rising Popularity of Social Media with the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

There is something charming about holding a Polaroid picture right after it has been taken and the ink has finally dried. I enjoy the sight of anything vintage, whether it’s clothes or appliances, and it’s nice to take a step back from the high tech world we live in today. Polaroid has tapped into the social media market by announcing the Polaroid Socialmatic camera – to be featured at the CES Conference this week in Las Vegas – which combines the vintage Polaroid instant camera with Wi-Fi capabilities enabling the user to post to social media sites.

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera (in my opinion) is every ‘90s kid’s dream. Call me old fashioned, but I like to have physical copies of pictures, yet I also like to share them with friends and family via social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The pair-up between Polaroid licensee C&A Licensing and Socialmatic, a company focused on social media products, is one of genius. The Polaroid Socialmatic camera has a square shape and vintage design, with the smartphone-type camera choices of a 14-megapixel front-facing camera or a 2-megapixel rear camera – allowing the user to post selfies on the go! (Who would have thought – selfies with a Polaroid?) Just take a selfie and post it to your favorite social media site through a Wi-Fi connection and Android interface, and if Wi-Fi is not immediately available the user may post it by pairing the camera with a smartphone through Bluetooth.

Photo courtesy of http://images.freshnessmag.com

Are you more interested in printing your pictures, classic Polaroid style? No problem. The Polaroid Socialmatic camera features Zero Ink Digital Printing. You can select, print and share pictures on Zink Paper, as well as touch-up or edit pictures beforehand. (It’s as if Polaroid got a complete makeover.)

The Polaroid Socialmatic instant digital camera is expected to arrive on shelves in the fall of 2014, but if you can’t contain your excitement you can check out the Polaroid booth (#13613) at the CES Conference January 7-10 in Las Vegas, or get your coverage fix of the event from MobilityTechzone.

Edited by Rory J. Thompson

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