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January 07, 2014

Audience eS700 Series Ushers in Next Generation of Voice Recognition

Audience, a provider of advanced voice processing for mobile devices, has introduced a new family of always-on intelligent voice and audio solutions called the Audience eS700 series. This product family, which consists of the eS750 range of smart audio codecs and the eS700 range of standalone voice processors, aims to enable new levels of voice interaction with smart devices.

In order to accomplish this, Audience has introduced VoiceQ as part of its Advanced Voice suite of features. VoiceQ enables a device to continuously listen to its surroundings and act upon configurable voice commands, eliminating the need for touch interaction, while still minimally impacting battery life.

"We believe that dependable, Always-on voice detection and actuation is the next must-have mobile technology," said Peter Santos, president and CEO of Audience, in a statement. "Our experience in delivering low-power, high-performance Advanced Voice makes us uniquely capable to deliver on the promise of a compelling Always-on voice experience."

Roughly a year ago, Audeince introduced its earSmart eS325 voice processing chip, which delivers HD voice and superwideband support, tri-microphone processing, Mobile Audio Zoom, Bandwidth Expansion technology, optimised Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and more. The eS700 series builds on this level of finely tuned audio to create a next generation voice recognition experience.

For example, with VoiceQ, users can rely on keywords to perform actions, even in noisy conditions, while eliminating the need to pause between the wake-up command and the rest of the instruction. Meanwhile, industry-leading noise suppression even in windy conditions, speech restoration technology, and full-band (48 kHz) voice processing ensure optimal dependability in nearly any circumstance.

Best of all, Audience is also delivering a new API that allows OEMs to access all of the above features, as well as others, to create apps that deliver superior user experiences. The company says that devices featuring its new eS700 series processors will hit the market in the second half of 2014.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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