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January 08, 2014

Bus TV Company Busap Among Emerging Group of Mobile Virtual Network Operators in China

In order to stimulate private capital in the Chinese telecommunications industry, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) started handing out Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) licenses on December 26, 2013. 11 lucky recipients now stand tall as some of China's leading new media firms, including Busap Holding Company Ltd. These MVNO licenses are extremely exclusive, and were awarded to 5 fewer companies than predicted, out of a total application pool of 70 hopeful companies.

Busap is China's largest bus TV network operator, and already has experience with mobile communication with nearly 50,000 Wi-Fi hotspots installed in various busses around the country. Busap is also already a registered mobile telecommunications services reseller after signing an agreement with China Unicom on October 18th, and plan on reselling mobile telecommunications services under the brand name “China Mcom.”

When combined with the fact that Busap now has an MVNO license, they will be able to sell service to their customer base of over 100 million riders. This will give both passengers and bus management companies to utilize a larger diversification of mobile media, mobile communications and mobile Internet services.

This will bring mobile Internet and Wi-Fi access to an even greater portion of the bus-riding Chinese public, and will also improve the overall bus riding experience with industry information services like intelligent dispatching, video surveillance and more.

The bus system and public transit is an integral part of daily life for many Chinese citizens, and extensive Wi-Fi networks on buses in major cities provides unified communications access for those that ride. As the telecommunications industry in China evolves, Busap will continue to serve the public by offering an accessible and powerful communications brand as an MVNO. Busap has managed to turn a profit for the last three years in a row, so it seems quite probable that they will continue to offer excellent products and services.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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