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January 10, 2014

Dish is Out and Sharing May Be Exclusive

If you are watching the news headlines, you probably noticed that Dish pulled out of its bid for Lightsquared.  Dish has been big about expanding its network, but so far has been scoring a big “0” on wins.   However, the game is not over and particularly in spectrum acquisition.  

The SuperWiFi Summit has been the home of all the precedents associated with recent spectrum policy and we are at a moment right now that the balance of power can swing to opportunity or restriction.

On Fri., Jan. 31, both Dish and Lightsquared will be speaking along with SES and Globalstar at the during “Terrestrial Use of Satellite Spectrum: Got Some Space to Share?”  The funny thing is the policy they are looking to facilitate is about sharing spectrum for “the birds” to share spectrum with other wireless networks.  Depending on how that policy rolls out, you can see the rebirth of Lightsquared independently or they will become valuable to other cellular providers.

In addition, this panel will address some of the recent proposals to share satellite spectrum terrestrially including challenges and opportunities. Given the increasing demand for mobile spectrum, the FCC is looking for innovative ways to expand into spectrum that was formerly exclusively used for satellite services. Multiple opportunities and challenges are arising including commitment to large capital expenditure by new mobile ventures, servicing areas previously not served by the mobile industry and interference with satellite up and down links.

In reality, all of Friday’s sessions at SuperWIFI Summit  are about sharing strategies amongst government, commercial and satellite implementations and all of them, in some way, are looking for the strategies first suggested around TV WhiteSpace, to deliver SuperWiFi-like services.

Caution: If you are looking at investment in the future of wireless technologies, you’ll want to check out, “LSA and ASA Are Coming. Hold On to That Priority-Based Spectrum License!,” on Wed. These strategies should be your, “Market Factors warning.”

The idea of sharing with Licensed Spectrum - and for that matter most spectrums, is that it should be done exclusively amongst the existing service providers without opportunity to expand the services beyond traditional cellular services.   In other words, the migration to the Wireless Internet and IP (which was designed to be an open internetworking system) in the wireless world, will be closed.

The amazing thing about these discussions is they probably would not have happened had the people pushing for SuperWiFi services not stirred the pot.  If you are thinking opportunity awaits you should register and join us at SuperWiFi Summit.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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