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January 14, 2014

Sprint One Up Early Upgrade Program Gets the Axe

Some bad news hit recently for Sprint customers hoping to upgrade to a new device earlier than their plan allows, because the carrier has decided to pull the plug on its One Up early upgrade program.

The One Up program was introduced only four months ago and it allowed users to get a new device for no money down, instead spreading the cost of the unit out over 24 months. However, after 12 consecutive payments, a user could choose to trade in that device for a new one, which would start the whole process over again. Alternatively, users could receive $15 off of their monthly phone bill if they decided to opt out of taking a subsidy on their new device.

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Fortunately, those who took advantage of the One Up program’s monthly discount during the time that it was still available — it was officially retired on January 9 — will still receive their $15 off of Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans. According to the Sprint support page that now stands in place of the One Up program page, this discount will remain in place until a user’s next upgrade or if they migrate plans.

Furthermore, Sprint still has offerings that are somewhat similar to One Up. First, there’s Sprint Easy Pay, which allows customers to buy a device with a varying down payment with the remainder of the cost split up over 24 monthly installments, with zero finance fees. This plan is only available at select Sprint locations currently, though, and it doesn’t have an annual upgrade option.

Next, there’s Sprint’s new Framily Plan, which features an upgrade feature similar to One Up. Specifically, subscribers that sign up for the plan’s $20 unlimited data add-on can trade in their existing devices for a new one after 12 months.

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