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January 15, 2014

VimpelCom Bringing More Opera Mobile Products to Customers

In an attempt to boost its customer experience, global telecommunications services provider VimpelCom has extended its existing partnership with Opera Software. In particular, the provider will leverage a complete mobile Internet engagement and monetization framework in order to better service users from any device, from smartphones to feature phones.

In particular, the framework will enable VimpelCom to better address the needs of any mobile Internet customer with features like one-click purchasing of mobile data and digital goods, as well as an overall improved mobile video customer experience. The framework will also make the entire Opera portfolio of mobile Internet products available to VimpelCom. This includes Opera Web Pass, Skyfire Rocket Optimizer and Horizon, as well as upcoming offerings like Opera Max.

Opera and VimpelCom first partnered in 2012 to make the Opera Mini mobile browser — in particular, a customized VimpelCom version of it — available across the operator’s brands in 18 countries. This gave Opera’s browser exposure to a potential user base of about 200 million customers — a factor that likely played a role in Opera’s 300 million monthly users milestone last year.

This time, though, the two companies are providing users with more than a fast, data-efficient mobile browsing experience.

For example, with VimpelCom Web Pass, customers will have access to simple one-click purchasing, while Rocket Optimizer will enable an unparalleled mobile video experience thanks to a cloud architecture that compresses video traffic before being downloaded to devices. Furthermore, the Opera Max smartphone app will enhance the overall mobile experience by way of device-wide optimization of text, images and streaming video.

“By extending our strategic partnership with Opera we will bring an improved mobile Internet experience to all our customers,” said Mikhail Gerchuk, VimpelCom's group chief commercial and strategy officer, in a statement. “We now have a strong toolkit which enables us to deliver the best mobile Internet customer experience while managing the explosion of mobile data traffic in our networks.”

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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