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January 17, 2014

Flash Networks Makes Acquisition That Will Help It Deliver Awesome Mobile Content

Right now, basically every spotlight... everywhere... ever... is pointing at mobile devices. It's no surprise that as more people are using them to access the Internet (while bumping awkwardly into lampposts) the need for optimizing the data they consume to fit into as small a package as possible is becoming a growing issue.

Flash Networks, one of the bigwigs who address this issue quite successfully has recently signed an agreement with Mobixell, a provider of rich media solutions for mobile, to acquire its business. The acquisition will inflate Flash Networks' market share into something so consolidated, its competitors will look like ants from where it stands. Basically, this purchase will blow up Flash's subscriber base to over a billion.

Liam Galin, CEO of Flash Networks, spoke of this growing demand for data optimization, saying that “this collaborative venture is an important step in establishing our dominance in the global market. As the largest player in this domain – both in size and worldwide customer reach, our combined R&D strength will accelerate the speed of innovation to evolve our already ground breaking products. As we are interested in extending our position in the mobile operator market, Flash Networks is committed to continuing support of Mobixell's solutions and customers.”

The merging of the two companies will give Flash Networks much-needed resources in the battlefield of data optimization, acceleration, and monetization through high-speed 3G, 4G, and LTE networks. The union will also give Flash a full-access pass to the solutions that Mobixell's experienced team have developed to provide video optimization and monetization.

Klod Ghez, CEO of Mobixell Networks, said, “We are pleased to be joining forces with Flash Networks. By combining our technological expertise and broad customer base, together with our mutual customer commitment, Flash Networks is uniquely positioned to enhance our offering and support our customers.”

Now that Flash Networks will have an enormous amount of power in its hands by the end of this month, we'll be waiting and watching for the next big move it makes. Does Flash have the chops to handle its future responsibilities as a company effectively?

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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