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January 22, 2014

The Newest Teacher's Pet is an App by AirWatch

If you happen to be a teacher, or know any, then you can relate to the idea that every little bit of help in the classroom is much appreciated. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider AirWatch must have gotten the memo, as it has created a mobile app designed specifically to bring teachers more capabilities and opportunities.

AirWatch created "Teacher Tools" with the intention of bringing the perks of mobile to an educational environment. Ideally, the app will serve as an easy-to-use guide for students' learning experiences, as well as help teachers better manage their classrooms, which at the very least promises to be chaotic at times.

Teacher Tools, available on iOS, features the following features: All Eyes Up Front, Single Application Mode, and Clear Passcode. All functions are accessible via an intuitive user interface. By using the app, educational institutions can extend the real-time management capabilities used by IT administrators to teachers in a simplified interface. Its multi-tenant architecture allows for simple management across students, classrooms, schools and even districts. It's particularly helpful to teachers who can organize their classrooms and relationships with students by assigning and managing the device among them.

Preston Winn, director of business development for education, AirWatch indicates that this is only the beginning of the firm's involvement in educational tools.

“We are working with educators around the world to continually develop solutions that support the transformation of education,” Winn says, and goes on to suggest that AirWatch is counting on Teacher Tools to pave the way to greater advances in the segment. "We developed Teacher Tools to help ensure mobile devices become a powerful resource for educators instead of a hurdle for teachers. We are excited to be part of an ecosystem that is changing education worldwide. Our goal is that technology will fade into the background so that teaching and learning stay front and center.”

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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