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January 28, 2014

Cloud Storage Now Included in Sprint's Unlimited Everything Wireless Services

Sprint is already one of a select few wireless carriers that offers their customers plans for unlimited talk, text and data on their smartphones. Today, Sprint announced that they were working with the online storage service Pogoplug in order to offer subscribers a plan that includes unlimited cloud storage on the menu.

Smartphones already have limited storage space, so a customer with access to unlimited cloud storage could find themselves with a smartphone that rivals a personal computer in overall usefulness. Companies with BYOD policies will also be able to reap the rewards of unlimited mobile data storage since employees will no longer have to scrub their phones clear of old data to make way for the new, accidentally throwing out important documents from last quarter in the process. It also makes backing up files a breeze.

Sprint customers with iPhone and Android smartphones can now download Pogoplug to their device immediately for only $4.99 a month, and have access to unlimited secure storage of their favorite photos, music and more. Since everything is stored in the cloud customers can access the files from any device with access to the Internet, and even switch smartphone devices without losing a shred of data.

Users who don't want to pay for the extra data storage will still receive 5GB of cloud storage absolutely free. The union between Pogoplug and Sprint creates more than just a seamless experience for customers that want to preserve memories, but it also comes as a sign that Sprint trusts their customer base enough to offer such an expansive service.

Many people with smartphones who have previously been fed up with paying exorbitant fees have turned to only paying for a data plan and using mobile VoIP clients to fulfill their lack of calling minutes for cheaper. However, such plans usually required so many ancillary programs for texting and other features that customers tech-savvy enough to actually save money and have a convenient phone were rare. Sprint offers the full unlimited package with this phone, which places them several steps above their competitors, and even allows for reasonable pricing.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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