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January 28, 2014

Alteva: Over a Century of Innovating in the Business Technology Space

A company with a 130-year history, Alteva knows a thing or two about evolving with the trends and constantly rethinking how to go to market with its core offerings. After all, for over a century the company has been evolving to better serve its customers—morphing from a local telephone switchboard operator to its current role as a pioneer in new telecommunications technology.

“What I love about Alteva is that we came up with a suite of three products so that, independent of the direction our customers want to head, we can always have a compelling conversation—whether they are headed into the mobility space; the IM and presence space in a Microsoft-centric way; or if they are divorcing themselves of that and moving down the Google side of things,” Guy Yasika, Alteva’s director of channel sales and development, said. “We can always have a relevant conversation.”

A leader in cloud-based communications—including VoIP, Unified Communications and Microsoft Communication Services—Alteva boasts a plethora of solutions across a variety of verticals.

At the end of the day, Alteva is about helping its clients get back critical minutes in their days and increase productivity across various departments.

“When our customers buy from us, they think they are buying because it’s a hard savings on ROI,” Yasika said. “What they don’t understand is when you push things into the cloud and start changing your delivery model and the way you interact with your customers, you end up improving customer service. Many customers say, ‘We went with you for cost reduction and we didn’t realize it would change our business.’”

While at ITEXPO this week, Alteva will be focused on showcasing its mobility and BYOD solutions. The company is also looking forward to speaking with trade show participants about the paradigm shift that is rocking corporate culture, namely, that employees are always expected to be online and readily available. Whether you are at the airport, a trade show or at home, instantaneous access has become the expected norm. And from presence technology to Microsoft Lync to SMS companies are embracing a variety of unified communications solutions.

Those businesses that particularly turn to Alteva to help them navigate this shift are those that have several office locations and a geographically disparate workforce. Moreover, companies that are struggling with multiple locations and keeping people in sync—like logistics and service companies—are embracing Alteva’s technologies.

Simply put, today’s companies have to figure out a way to make their “products obsolete before the competition does,” argued Yasika. At Alteva, the company encourages its channel partners to look at BlackBerry as an example; the company didn’t go down that path of innovation, so another came in and took over that market share because they didn’t reinvent themselves, Yasika said.

“It happens over and over again in IT,” he added. “If you are an IT person you are going to have to reinvent your business. These are the early dot-com days. Things are really starting to cook right now.”

Edited by Blaise McNamee

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