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February 03, 2014

Hadoro Produces Luxury Golden iPhone 5S

Ever wish your iPhone had a little bit extra flair? How about a lot of extra flair? If that's the case, then you might be interested in Hadoro's latest project that mixes luxury and cutting edge technology: an iPhone made out of gold.

The popular smartphone was completely redesigned by the craftsmen at Hadoro, from within the belly of France's jewelry industry in Paris. The unique phone retains all the same features and power available on the iPhone 5S, but also contains 125 grams of pure 18 karat gold.

To construct the phone, artisans used several diverse practices. In particular, the initial steps of it were plotted by computer, and the parts were manufactured with a 3D printer. This makes manufacturing extremely mobile, since the file can simply be sent through the Internet to another location with a 3D-printer, and enough gold of course. After printing, the artisans at Hadoro spend over 200 hours doing fine detail work on each phone, brushing the impurities out of the metal and making sure it shines brightly.

The gold iPhone will only be produced in extremely limited numbers, as only 50 of the devices are planned for manufacture. Depending on how high the demand for these phones is, it could spark a new trend in luxury mobile devices. Considering the fact that Internet integration into regular objects, appliances and devices is not expected to be too much further in the future, the production of “smart” luxury objects could become a large new market in the “Internet of Things.”

Another thing worth noting is the fact that 3D printers were used in the manufacturing process of the golden iPhone. This shows that 3D printing technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and that more detailed projects are possible with each passing day. 3D printers that utilize materials like gold in their printing process show a diversity in resources, making the possibilities nearly limitless.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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