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February 05, 2014

Sierra Wireless Offers Worldwide LTE Support with New Modules

Just because Sierra Wireless recently doubled down on M2M by acquiring In Motion Technology, that doesn’t mean it has abandoned its other intelligent wireless solutions pursuits. Indeed, as if to quell any doubts about this, Sierra has released two new AirPrime embedded wireless 4G LTE modules meant specifically for use in notebook computers and tablets.

These modules, the AirPrime EM7340 and EM7345, are based on Intel chipsets and feature a standardized M.2 form factor, making them ideal for use in small, thin devices — which is good because most devices are pretty thin these days.

With one of these modules in a laptop or tablet, consumers will enjoy access to mobile broadband, which isn’t particularly unique these days. However, Sierra Wireless has included a killer feature in the EM7345 specifically: Support for LTE networks around the world, except for Japan, which is what the EM7340 is for. The multi-region support offered by the EM7345 is ideal for manufacturers as it allows them to streamline their supply chain by offering a single product that works in most markets.

Best of all, the two modules are completely interchangeable, meaning they share the same physical design and firmware.

“The diversity of frequency bands used for LTE networks around the world has been a pain point, because large manufacturers had to order and stock several different modules to cover all their markets,” said Dan Schieler, senior vice president and General Manager of OEM Solutions for Sierra Wireless, in a statement. “Supply chain management is a key issue for our PC OEM customers, and the ability to supply most of the world with a single module reduces operational complexity and costs — it is a compelling benefit for them.”

Currently, the AirPrime EM7340 and EM7345 are only available in sample quantities for testing and certification purposes, but full commercial shipments should start rolling out before the end of the quarter.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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