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February 08, 2014

Mobility Techzone Week in Review

As we enter the weekend, it is important to take a look back on the world of mobile devices. Not only are different companies experiencing varying levels of growth and decline, but the technology involved with mobile devices is rapidly evolving, and changing every single day. There are also several revolutionary apps that are worth talking about.

One such app is Amazon's Flow, which allows users to simply point the camera on their iPhone at an object to find prices for the same object on Amazon.com. This makes it easier than ever for customers to find out how much it will cost to replace an object in their own home, or even find a better price for a product found in the store. No word yet on when (or if) a similar service will be available on Android phones.

The Instant Messaging app Kik, which is already available on most mobile devices, is also generating lots of buzz this week due to the fact that it became browser-based as of Wednesday. Because it works within a browser, Kik Messenger is compatible with almost any device – as long as there's a web browser, Kik will work. The app is also unique because it is free of charge, and allows mobile users to avoid text messaging rates.

Vodaphone, the mobile service provider with the second-largest worldwide customer base, has reported lower earnings, the seventh quarter in a row with a drop in revenue. Though their markets are growing within several countries including India, Turkey and South Africa, they are currently experiencing significant drops in their large European markets. One suspected reason for this decline is the fact that Vodaphone has not integrated video subscription services, but the only thing that is clear is that Vodaphone is entering dark times, and is in serious financial trouble.

Visitors to the Sochi Olympic Games are also experiencing issues with mobile phones, with some being hacked within minutes of powering their devices up. Several reporters at the Olympics have already noted several problems with their hotel rooms, but the fact that computers and mobile devices are being hacked as soon as they connect to the Internet exposes even more gaping security flaws in the Russian network. Russia may have parked tanks and artillery around the events in order to prevent terrorist attacks, but it appears as if nothing is being done to stop cyber-terrorism in the area.

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