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February 11, 2014

Mobile-Flex Introduces Simplified BYOD Solutions

Bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives are being implemented by organizations because it introduces a new level of productivity and cost saving measures. A BYOD research conducted by Cisco titled, "BYOD: A Global Perspective," revealed 89 percent of companies are allowing their employees to use their own devices for work purposes, which has resulted in productivity gains. Adopting basic BYOD has also generated $350 of value annually per mobile user, and $1300 annually for a comprehensive BYOD. Even though there are clear benefits in integrating personal computing devices into the corporate network, issues regarding security still thrive in the corporate environment.

A new patent pending protocol from Mobile-Flex has introduced a transformative technology designed to improve the security of BYOD environments with a more manageable, simplified and faster acting platform. The new solution is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Kindle devices, with future versions for Windows desktop, Windows Mobile and Macintosh desktop.

By simplifying the security application, employees will be empowered to increase the level of productivity on a computing solution that ensures their data, programs, and systems are fully secured.

According to the company, the new Mobile-Flex solution will allow users secure access from mobile device to a Windows server-based application without "ever allowing access to a desktop." This includes no terminal services, no information downloaded to the device, no restrictions on functionality, no limit to the number of applications you can host and it gives administrators control over the apps users can see and access.

This platform works without the use of RDP or HTML5 between the server and the device for any enterprise or organization with full-blown, 100 percent Active Directory user ID-password authenticated sessions. Additionally it allows:

A communications protocol that send data to the mobile device through a single dedicated port making everything blind to robots, sniffers, or hacking algorithms

Information storage without placing residual traces of data, cookies, temp, or log files on any user device

A token-driven technology assembled as an end-to-end application for controlled and secured communication

Storage of programs, applications, and data in the Mobile-Flex Host Controller so it can be used for the user's next connection session

The company is offering an extension with specials to business, government, and institutional users with an unrestricted 45 day introductory trial to any number of employees and their mobile devices in an organization.

"Mobile-Flex provides quick access to the same programs, files, and data employees can normally access from their home-office systems. It eliminates the employer's risk of unmanaged devices, unsecured connections, loss or theft of a device, hacked or compromised systems, data breaches, or employee departures. Built in a tower-like formation, the proprietary technology's layers provide," said Ken Ray, Mobile-Flex President.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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