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February 12, 2014

iPass Subscribers Get Wi-Fi on Lufthansa Planes

Just two days ago, iPass Inc., Deutsche Telekom, and Lufthansa have jointly announced that they have finished the implementation of a system by which iPass subscribers will have the ability to connect via Wi-Fi while flying on Lufthansa's aircraft. The agreement will have iPass' Open Mobile Network implemented in more than 100 planes from Lufthansa.

Marcio Avillez, VP of network services and carrier product development at iPass, said, “We are delighted to be working with Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom to provide our subscribers with an extended hotspot footprint. Now iPass Open Mobile subscribers not only have access to the world's largest commercial Wi-Fi network on land, but also in the air, with the biggest Wi-Fi enabled air fleet in the world. We know that there is significant demand for in-flight Wi-Fi services to help business travelers stay connected and productive. By working with Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom, we can help our customers work securely and productively throughout their business trips.”

In a move to make flying more attractive and convenient, airlines all over the world are starting to rig up their aircraft with connectivity that will help prevent their passengers from getting bored to death. Outdated magazines placed on the backs of seats are just not cutting it anymore.

The implementation of Wi-Fi in Lufthansa's aircraft will be made possible through Deutsche Telekom, a company that has a very strong global reach for integrated telecommunications and a strong relationship with iPass. The service will be fairly easy to connect through. All subscribers must do is open their iPass Open Mobile clients and input their credentials for authentication. Business travelers will be able to log in through a VPN to ensure regulatory compliance for the companies they work for. Enterprises will be able to also circumvent any in-flight Wi-Fi charges that would otherwise be incurred.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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