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February 12, 2014

Frugal Living with FreedomPop's Phone Plan

Frugal living just got easier with FreedomPop's new phone plan. This service provider is offering free 4G wireless Internet service and free cell phone service for users in the United States. There are also premium paid services for users who want a more advanced set of features. The best part is the paid service charges are way less than that charged by competitors. For example, users have to pay a mere $80 for one year or $110 for two years to get unlimited talk, messaging and 500 MB of data. These low rates are a steal when compared to the industry average which is around $40 a month excluding taxes.

FreedomPop is able to offer this service based on its freemium model that starts with a set amount of data free for every month. To earn more, users have to participate in partner promotions such as signing up for trials with Netflix or registering a domain at GoDaddy or trying a new product for free. Each participation helps users to earn 500 MB of data for free. It has also included social sharing features as a part of its plan. In the dashboard, users can see how much free data is available for their friends and their usage. Based on the available amount, users can trade free data with their friends.

This model goes to show the evolution of cell phone and Internet service. This unique model has integrated social media with usage and has used money from promotion partners to provide free service to the users. Such a model offers a win-win situation for everyone involved—FreedomPop, its partners and customers.

FreedomPop's phone plan is expected to change the face of cell phone service in the US as other service providers are coming up with tactics to remain competitive. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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