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February 14, 2014

More Control for Enterprise Apps on Apperian's Latest Platform

“We’ve passed through 10,000 feet altitude, you may now use your altitude restricted apps.” Ok, you’ll probably never actually hear that announcement on a flight but you theoretically could if you’re using apps built on Apperian’s platform. The company announced “significant enhancements” to their development platform which allow policies to be applied to mobile apps restricting when, where and how apps can be used. It’s called Apperian’s Dynamic App Policy Engine and it gives developers the ability to restrict access based on contextual information like user role, device status, or location. Rules applied during development can callow non-technical managers to apply restrictions using the app-wrapping capabilities built into Apperian’s product.

Apps are great alternatives for companies who need to allow controlled access to a broad user range; easier to create and less intrusive to install than programs, but accessible to a variety of operating systems. But consider a visiting professional who installs your company’s app with private company information on their mobile device, then lets their child use the device. Should the app get opened even by accident your company’s information could be exposed to unsecured networks and the inherent associated risks. Devices are lost all the time and in the case of governments and some companies there is too much at stake. With the ability to restrict app use by location, user role, device and more you can be assured that only the people who should have your information, will.

The Apperian platform also has several sideline functions found in most mobile management systems such as selective wipe, usage metrics, silent update capability and the ability to set expiration dates – particularly useful if you have visiting executives or are working in short term settings with clients or students. Location services run both within and parallel to the development platform, useful if you need to geo-fence an apps usage to a limited area. (Some savvy developer needs to be the first to have their app auto delete over 10,000 feet. Unless they work in Colorado.)

These are the kind of things business leaders have been asking of their developers and at a time when IT managers are looking for more comprehensive products Apperian has set itself up nicely by packaging so much under one brand.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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