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February 20, 2014

Artemis Networks' pCell Delivers Full-speed Mobile Data All of the Time

We all love our smartphones or tablets when there is a great connection and there are no issues with the bandwidth, but the second we encounter any type of delay the expletives start flying out the window. The frustration users experience is getting worse as more people continue to opt for smart mobile devices over other computing solutions. The solution to this problem is already here, you just have to wait a little longer. A new approach to deliver fiber-class speed to mobile using has been developed Artemis Neworks called pCell technology.

According to the company with this technology in place congestion, dead zones and weak signals will all be a thing of the past by delivering consistent full speed mobile data to every mobile device at the same time no matter how many users are sharing the same spectrum at once.

The pCell fiber-class broadband is delivered to standard LTE devices with Android and iOS devices such as the iPhone 5S and 5C, Samsung Galaxy S4, LTE dongles and MiFi devices.

By exploiting interference instead of dodging them, pCell allows standard LTE device to run at full LTE speed throughout pCell coverage areas, but if there is not a pCell deployment, it hands off to traditional cellular seamlessly.

The technology is able to provide reliable service at all times, because the pCell or personal cells combines transmitted radio signals from multiple pCell base stations to synthesize the tiny personal cells of wireless energy around each mobile device. This eliminates the need for many users taking turns sharing the capacity of one large cell in traditional platforms. With each user having his or her own pCell, they are able to obtain full wireless capacity no matter how many people are on at the same time.

"pCell technology is a complete reinvention of wirelesspCell delivers on the long-sought dream of ubiquitous, fast Internet, with the reliability and consistency previously only achievable through a wired connection. pCell is effectively mobile fiber," said Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO of Artemis Networks.

The company wants to provide the technology to wireless carriers and independent ISPs so they can deploy pCells with lower cost and faster deployment than conventional cellular technology. Instead of cell towers it uses pCell base stations called pWave radios that can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors; hidden from sight or visible. It works on all mobile bands as well as unlicensed spectrum.

The platform is currently on trial in San Francisco and will be available commercially in a wider market by the end of 2014, with expansions in the US, Asia and Europe beginning 2015.

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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