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February 20, 2014

Celltick to Provide iWireless with its Start Android Interface

The products and services traditional wireless and cable service providers offer their customers didn't require apps, but the popularity of smart mobile devices is making it necessary to provide a platform in which these companies can engage with their customers. This is accomplished using an interface with an enhanced user experience through the start screen. Celltick, provider of mobile initiated commerce, is partnering with iWireless, a wireless communication provider in Iowa, western Illinois, and eastern Nebraska, to offer its Start interface as a pre-loaded application to give iWireless subscribers a better user experience.

With the Celltick Star application already preloaded on the device, users will be able to find their favorite applications and functions much quicker with intelligent and dynamic functionality. By personalizing the start screen, users will be able to access their preferred social media applications, local news and weather forecast, and anything they need to access when they wake their mobile device without having to navigate screens, menus and folders. Users will be able to call, message, take pictures and launch applications with a single gesture, and all this without having to unlock the phone.

The mobile home screen is one of the most viewed digital mediums in the world as consumers look at their device up to 100 times or more a day on average in anticipation of something taking place. The solution Celltick provides gives operators access to a real estate that is readily available and can be monetized by providing solutions based on this behavior.

The Start platform is available in hundreds of themes and plug-ins on Google Play. It has powered billions of mobile initiated commerce transactions from more than 110 million active consumers around 25 countries for virtual and physical goods.

As operators continue to operate on lower margins, they are having to introduce new solutions that can be monetized by generating revenues without large capital expenditure. The Start platform brings value to the customer while at the same time encouraging monetization and brand loyalty.

"As more operators look to create new lines of revenue and engage more customers, Celltick is ready to offer operators with a medium to reach more customers and create new lines of revenue. We are thrilled with this partnership, and look forward to cultivating more operator relationships in the year to come," said Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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