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February 26, 2014

Qualcomm's Latest 2net Hub Release Adds BLE Integration

While Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) may have some competition in the area of beacon-based payment systems, it is now more or less the undisputed standard in the area of health and fitness wearable devices. In fact, an ABI Research report from as far back as 2011 said this more or less; it’s only been cemented since.

As such, it’s not surprising that Qualcomm’s health tech subsidiary, Qualcomm Life, has decided to integrate BLE as part of the latest release of its 2net Hub software. This makes the 2net Hub one of the first standalone, FDA-listed wireless gateways on the market that can seamlessly connect to BLE-enabled medical and fitness devices.

"This latest 2net Hub software release significantly expands Qualcomm Life's solution portfolio as it adds yet another software radio management capability to support integration of a variety of Bluetooth Low Energy-enabled medical devices and activity monitors to the 2net Hub and Platform," said Rick Valencia, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life, in a statement. "As more and more device makers move to BLE, we are uniquely positioned to help our ecosystem collaborators and customers navigate current and future wireless roadmaps due to our leadership and insight into the space."

In addition to BLE integration, this release of 2net Hub includes over-the-air updates, meaning Qualcomm Life can now make seamless, remote updates to the software, including device integrations, sending and receiving device data from the 2net Platform and more. In addition, Qualcomm Life now has its own integrated health care devices portfolio, offering Qualcomm Life Ecosystem members greater scalability and flexibility.

The 2net Hub acts as an open, standalone, plug-and-play gateway to the 2net Platform’s data center, delivering what Qualcomm describes as “a new dimension” of short-range radio flexibility, security, interoperability and seamless data transfer. It also acts as the “information highway” of M2M connections for medical devices into the home and out.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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