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February 27, 2014

iwunta Integrates Samsung Gear 2 Into its Geo-relevant Social App

The marketplace is full of applications that perform specialized tasks very well, but as more devices come into the market it is essential to integrate them with a seamless platform that is able to take advantage of all the capabilities of these new devices. Wearable tech is currently trending very high at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, with many different devices being introduced by companies around the world. iwunta, the first wearable app technology to find nearby friends for spontaneous social activities, is integrating its application with the Samsung Gear 2 to provide users easy access to their social circle for spontaneous or planned events.

The iwunta platform is the first social application that finds nearby friends through geo-relevant wearable technology. By just including three data points such as choosing what you want to do, clicking on the friends you want to do it with and putting the time, iwunta is able to determine anyone that is available in your circle based on the start time and  the distance.

The application determines the people that are available based on the event start time and the distance. So if you want a cup of coffee with a friend right now it will not invite a friend who lives 30 miles away. This intuitive solution saves the user unnecessary phone calls and texts to people that might be too far away to just meet up for a second.

If you want to invite more than one person, the people that accept are added to a group chat so you can discuss the event or other matters. The application also provides customization to groups such as family members, neighbors, classmates or any other organization. Since the only people allowed in this group are the people that accept the invites, the chats are kept private and organized. Once the event is over the chats sessions disappear 12 hours after the planned event, preventing the possibility of spam.

The social interaction platform also integrates groups from Facebook to simplify the process of sending iwuntas. The company announced it will be providing the application for Android and iPhone devices in the near future.

iwunta uses geo-relevant algorithms combined with users' contact lists to filter friends list data along with GPS to generate social invites. The invites are only sent to people that are close to a specific group, avoid unnecessary communication with people that are too far away and would not be able to make the appointment. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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