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March 03, 2014

Vodafone Expands Partnership with Ericsson through Project Spring

Major telecommunications leader Vodafone recently announced that they have awarded a five year agreement with Ericsson in accordance to the Project Spring organic investment program. Ericsson, a communication technology and services provider, will be able to use this agreement to bolster their network with Vodafone products and services. Since Vodafone is also doing the same as part of the agreement, both companies will be able to enhance their network quality and improve performance for their subscribers.

Project Spring is an initiative being undertaken by Vodafone to improve network quality in Europe and other emerging mobile markets, including India. Project Spring has already awarded a similar five year deal with NSN, another equipment maker, and they hope that this investment program will accelerate and extend Vodafone’s ability to focus on data, enterprise and emerging markets.

In particular, Ericsson will be upgrading and expanding Vodafone’s 2G and 3G networks while building up 4G LTE, providing services like network roll-out, integration tuning, optimization and support services. With support from Ericsson, Vodafone will be able to transform their network into an example for other network providers to follow. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to secure high-performance 4G LTE support across the entire Vodafone network around the world.

Ericsson CEO and President Hans Vestberg extends his thanks and support to Vodafone, saying “We have been a trusted partner of Vodafone for 40 years and we are delighted to continue and expand our relationship with this latest awards under project spring.” Currently, around 40 percent of global mobile web traffic is roughted through Ericsson networks, servicing over 2.5 billion customers. With over 110,000 employees supporting their services, Ericsson is in a unique position to help Vodafone create one of the best mobile networks in the world, and Vodafone appears to be leveraging that opportunity effectively.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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