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March 04, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: AccountNow Acquisitions Allow Customers Prepaid Wireless Services

AccountNow, one of the largest prepaid card companies and a trusted brand in providing alternative online banking solutions, has recently acquired www.prepaidwireless.com from Generis Group and www.babblebug.com, a leading provider of long distance, wireless, and point-of-sale services utilizing the latest advancements in online technology, ecommerce, and internet security to deliver high quality, discount prepaid wireless pins via the internet, from Fuze Online, providers of wireless telecom products and services, primarily top-ups for prepaid phones.

AccountNow's easy access mobile site makes tax season simpler, and PrepaidWireless.com and Babblebug.com prepaid mobile telecom customers need and want pay-as-you-go financial transaction services. AccountNow believes that a multi-channel strategy with meaningful benefits for customers will prove to be a significant driver of future profits. Prepaid telecom services are very consistent with AccountNow's existing payment capabilities for prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards under the AccountNow and READY debit brands.

"Customers of all companies win. They now enjoy easy access to new financial and telecom services delivered exactly the way they want them. And more products and services conveniently delivered from a trusted partner," according to Jim Jones, AccountNow, Inc. Chief Executive Officer.

More people are going mobile as smartphones become more affordable. AccountNow customers already deposit checks directly from their smartphone and use Online Bill Pay, balance and transaction text alerts and cash-back purchase rewards. PrepaidWireless.com and babblebug.com offer prepaid phones, domestic and international prepaid minute refills, sim cards, and a rewards program that can be redeemed toward any of their products or services.

"Our customers will love the added financial services from AccountNow, and AccountNow customers will love our wireless telecom services which are available nationwide and internationally," said Dave Wilkes, CEO of Fuze Online.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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