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March 07, 2014

Comings & Goings: Shai Gerably Joins Rumble as Vice President of Research and Development

As mobile becomes the preferred computing platform for many consumers around the world, organizations are investing heavily in acquiring the right talents and assets to ensure they'll be able to capture a large customer base with the products and services they offer. The acquisition of WhatsUp by Facebook for $19 billion is the latest example of the frenzy that is taking place in the mobile platform. While acquiring the assets is important, without the right talent and vision in place, it will just be another MySpace.

Rumble, a smart mobile publishing platform, has announced the appointment of former Microsoft executive Shai Gerably as its new vice president of Research and Development.

The growth of mobile publishing is out pacing many different platforms as more consumers use their mobile devices to access news, sports and entertainment media. Finding new ways to deliver this information on small screens without making it too hard for the consumer is the challenge the industry faces.

This is what Gerably will be addressing in his new position in the R&D department at Rumble. As organizations look to optimize their mobile-first initiatives with real-time capabilities to generate revenues, Gerably will juggle many outlets such as newspapers, magazines, media groups, online content creators and more.

"Being part of the 'the Next Silicon Valley' here in Tel Aviv, I have been on the lookout for a company that is truly ambitious in solving a fundamental problem within the mobile space. In Rumble, I believe I have found itRumble affords an unparalleled opportunity to harness smart technology and it empowers publishers to be completely in control with an agnostic, adaptive and truly integrated approach," said Gerably.

Shai Gerably's experience includes Executive VP of R&D Netformx – a company that automates the end-to-end process, of discovering/designing networks, through its ICT design-to-order products and solutions. Netformx provides products for both desktop and mobile use, among a growing SaaS/Cloud offering.

He also lead the R&D group at Netformx comprised of technical product managers, project managers, software developers and software testers. He delivered products, professional services, data catalog services and the company's production environment.

Gerably was also professional services chief technology officer at Microsoft and led presale efforts for Microsoft services supporting the value selling of Microsoft's product portfolio. This role required both depth in specific domains and verticals, and a wide spread understanding of Microsoft products.

Additionally he worked for the Israeli Ministry of Defense as a chief technology officer and senior software and hardware developer as well as co-founding Nuvisio, which was licensed and sold.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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