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March 07, 2014

CasePoint Now Available in a Mobile Version

One of the most time-consuming aspects of litigating a case is researching case laws before, during, and after the case has settled. While there is a concerted effort to digitize this massive amount of data, the process is going to take some time before it is completed. However, this doesn't mean what is already available can't be searched to make the lives of first-year law clerks more bearable. Besides case laws, clerks also search for electronically stored information (ESI) when preparing for lawsuits or investigation. This requires searching emails, documents, presentations, databases, voicemail, audio and video files, social media, web sites and more in what is called e-discovery.

Having this information readily available on the desktop is convenient, but most attorneys spend a lot of time outside of their office, which is why Legal Discovery, a full service eDiscovery technology provider, has introduced the new CasePoint iPad App.

This option allows CasePoint documents to be available on the iPad whether the user is online or off-line. By having this access, attorneys will be able to find documents that are relevant to the case at hand by using the iPad's touch features to quickly scan through many pages.

"We previewed our new iPad app at LegalTech New York in February and were greeted with an enthusiastic response. Attorneys are very comfortable using iPads and are excited to have apps specific to their business needs," said Haresh Bhungalia, CEO of @Legal Discovery.

The solutions Legal Discovery provides legal professionals uses advanced software and services for managing large amount of e-discovery data from ingestion to production with its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This includes providing experts in e-discovery, attorneys, technologists, litigation support professionals and consultants to deliver data collection, early case assessment, processing, hosting, production, and consulting.

The new application for the iPad is designed to address the legal profession as it continues to evolve and become more mobile. The CasePoint Unified eDiscovery platform has all the features and functionalities of the application customers are used to on their desktops or laptops.

It was developed using HTML5 so it can be compatible with the vast majority of mobile devices through their browsers. As HTML5 continues to see greater adoption, this platform will allow users to experience many different applications without plug-ins, propriety software, and applications. This compatibility gives CasePoint the ability to be accessed anywhere on any device, an issue attorneys will be sure to appreciate when a critical piece of evidence has to be accessed.

The mobile CasePoint application was developed using 100 percent custom technology from the company and it supports more than 400 different file types.

The app is available for free in Apple's App Store.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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