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March 07, 2014

Carl Zeiss' Cinemizer OLED Now Supported by EON Studio

Interactive 3D software provider EON Reality has added a new offering, the Cinemizer OLED, to its list of supported visualization products. Created by prominent optics and opto-electronics specialist Carl Zeiss, the Cinemizer OLED is an immersive 3D head-mounted display that, when coupled with its headtracker attachment, allows users to experience a three-dimensional space with head movement directing their view.

This type of head-mounted display has gotten more popular lately thanks largely to the buzz surrounding the Oculus Rift, a gaming-oriented device very similar to the Cinemizer OLED. Indeed, Sony introduced its take, dubbed the HMZ-T3Q headset, on such devices at CES in January.

If you’re only familiar with the company’s camera lenses featured in DSLRs and, thanks to an exclusivity deal, Nokia smartphones, it may seem that Carl Zeiss is outclassed in this area. However, the company’s expertise goes far beyond mere camera optics.

"Immersion is the whole point of Virtual 3D Learning and Training," said Mats Johansson, CEO of EON Reality, in a statement. "The Cinemizer OLED from ZEISS brings an unparalleled level of immersion for a personal Virtual Reality display. We're extremely excited to have the Cinemizer OLED integrated with EON Studio and available as a visualization option for our customers."

Aside from allowing users to simply pan the camera, the Cinemizer OLED allows the viewer to look up, down, left and right by tilting their head, creating an effect very similar to head movement in the real world. This of course offers an enhanced level of realism for 3D simulations, while offering a higher level of immersion — both of which are crucial elements for EON Reality’s education and training simulations.

The Cinemizer OLED will be used in conjunction with EON Studio, a key component of EON Reality’s integrated hardware solutions used for industry training, education, vocational skill development and edutainment. Together, the two solutions should offer the level of immersion necessary for education and training applications.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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