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March 10, 2014

Skyroam Offers Cheaper Global Roaming with 3Gmate

Unless you’re with T-Mobile, which recently stopped charging for international data roaming, it’s likely that global roaming is a concern. After all, most carriers charge quite a premium for accessing mobile data networks while abroad. Fortunately, there are alternatives to paying exorbitant fees.

Take, for example, the recently released Mi-Fi global roaming solution from Skyroam Service Limited. Dubbed the 3Gmate, this portable wireless broadband device offers access to Skyroam’s wireless broadband Internet service that has been officially rolled out in more than 30 countries throughout Asia, North America and Western Europe. In other words, the 3Gmate allows the majority of travelers to enjoy global Internet services from one device at a fixed price with unlimited traffic.

Although the concept behind the 3Gmate seems pretty straightforward, the solution actually relies on disruptive innovation techniques. In particular, the device incorporates a blend of virtual wireless communication network technologies, including Wi-Fi and 3G voice call routing technology, as well as mobile app technology, to establish wireless access.

Most importantly for the end user, though, is the fact that 3Gmate can help reduce the cost of global roaming by upwards of 90 percent. This is thanks to the 24-hour PASS billing model, which allows users to buy a day’s worth of unlimited Internet access at a time, regardless of countries or regions. In other words, those who purchase 24 hours of access can use the Internet even if they travel to many countries or regions within that time frame.

As an added benefit, this allows international roamers to eliminate the hassle of buying and replacing SIM cards for different countries or relying on Wi-Fi access at local coffee shops.

This level of convenience is also present in the 3Gmate app itself, which sports a clean interface that offers easy access to all relevant crucial features.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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