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March 10, 2014

Samsung Launches Milk Music Service for Galaxy Devices

Just when Pandora and Spotify were getting comfortable with their respective places in the world, along comes yet another online music service. Samsung just announced its very own Internet radio service known as Milk Music. The company claims it named its new product Milk because it takes a fresh approach to a genre that is getting rapidly overcrowded. Fresh milk is actually something that hasn’t really been a thing for most people for about 40 years - but we’ll forgive Samsung on that one.

Milk Music is available to download on Google Play right now and can start streaming tunes the minute it is launched. That might be one thing it has as an advantage over services like Spotify because you don’t have to go through a lengthy sign-up process. The service is also completely ad free, a distinct advantage over Pandora or Spotify again (if you are using its free version).

If Milk Music sounds like something everyone should be running out and downloading immediately then you haven’t read the one big caveat yet. The service is only available on Samsung phones. Milk Music is being billed as a completely separate entity from the existing Samsung Music Hub subscription service.

Again, the big drawback is the limited number of devices that people can use Milk on. At launch, the Samsung branded Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4, the Note 2, the Note 3 and GS4 variants like the Active and the Mini are the only devices that will allow you to use the service.  If you’re wondering how Samsung managed to launch a brand new music service without working out brand new music licensing deals, its because Slacker Radio is supporting the endeavor.

That means that anyone who has one of the aforementioned devices or is looking to get the upcoming Galaxy S5 will have access to 200 genre stations and a music catalog that tops 13 million songs.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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