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March 11, 2014

GameXtend Helps Users Game Longer with the Samsung Galaxy S5

When Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, was unveiled last month, there was obviously a lot of analysis and criticism. After all, a new Galaxy device is more or less the Android equivalent of a new iPhone, so it’s always a noteworthy event.

One concern that came up frequently is a common one among all devices these days: battery life. The Galaxy S5 sports a 2,800mAh, which barely outdoes the Galaxy S4’s 2600mAh cell, and more demanding hardware, so it’s fair to wonder how well it will be able to cope with demanding tasks. In order to put these concerns to rest, Lucidlogix has stated that its GameXtend technology will be installed on the Galaxy S5.

Part of Lucid’s PowerXtend Suite, GameXtend is a software solution that extends the mobile play time of popular 2D and 3D games. At its best, the software can lengthen play time by as much as 35 percent, resulting in longer battery life and a more consistent mobile experience.

"Today's mobile devices are all about power, speed, and efficiency," said Hyung-Moon No, vice president of the Technology Alliance Group at Samsung Electronics IT & Mobile Division, in a statement. "With GameXtend integrated into our Galaxy S5, we are committed to deliver a truly superior mobile user experience."

Lucid’s GameXtend offering was first introduced into Samsung’s products last year with the Galaxy Note 3 and the Tab 10.1. In the case of the Galaxy S5, the software has been optimized for the device, allowing it to provide even better power savings and allowing users to squeeze an additional two or three hours of play time out of a single battery charge.

GameXtend is title agnostic and designed with ARM and Android architectural support in mind. It deploys state-of-the-art algorithms to reduce power draw in real time, while keeping devices feeling cool by mitigating other typical battery management functions.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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