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March 17, 2014

WhatsApp Voice Calling Screenshots Hit the Web

Eager WhatsApp users probably already know that voice calling will be introduced to the app at some point in the near future. In fact, WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum stated at this year’s Mobile World Congress that users should expect voice calling “within months,” with more recent estimates suggesting a release some time in Q2.

Well, as we move ever closer to April and the second quarter of the year, it seems that voice calling for WhatsApp is indeed on schedule — at least if the recently leaked screenshots floating around the Internet are anything to go by.

The leaked images, which first popped up on Apple-focused blog iPhoneItalia, show the up-and-coming feature as it will look on iOS 7 devices and, not surprisingly, the layout looks pretty similar to the platform’s stock dialer. In particular, it seems WhatsApp users on the iPhone will be greeted by the same rounded buttons and blurred background image found on the iOS 7 dialer the first time they make a voice call with the app.

Unfortunately, that’s all we’re getting for now. However, it’s not as though the WhatsApp team is being particularly secretive about voice calling. On the contrary, Koum was downright open about it during Mobile World Congress.

“We want to make sure people always have the ability to stay in touch and call their friends and family, and their loved ones, and do it easily and affordably,” said Koum. “We think we have the best voice product out there. We use the least amount of bandwidth, and we optimise the hell out of it. The same values of the leading messaging platform in the world will be the same on voice. We’re going to focus on simplicity and we will make sure the same gold standard will be applied.”

Voice calling is likely to be just the first of many big changes for WhatsApp, which was recently acquired by Facebook for $19 billion, so users should stay tuned.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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