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March 22, 2014

Mobility TechZone Week in Review

It seems that every time you look away, more mobile devices appear on the shelves of stores and in the pockets of consumers. Mobile technology is expanding at an increasing rate every single day, with new products that improve on the features of older mobile technology. In addition, people are changing their lifestyles and habits to adapt to an increasingly mobile world, and new laws catch up to the innovations presented by mobile devices. This past week saw the release of several new products and even a fair bit of legislature regarding mobile devices, which we will look back on below.

The big legislature change regards the debate that goes on with cell phones emitting radio frequency (RF) radiation, and whether or not it is harmful to human beings. One recent study found that using a cell phone for upwards of 50 minutes changes how brain tissues metabolize glucose, although it is unclear what long-term effects this might have, or how it affects developing children. Regardless, a new Hawaiian Senate Bill was introduced this week that will require Hawaiian cell phone manufacturers must prominently display on the external package of their products a warning about the heightened risks for children from cell phone exposure.

In mobile product news, Samsung has expanded upon the success of their low-price Chromebook laptops in 2012 with two new models that are part of the Chromebook 2 Series. The laptops may not pack a massive punch with their simple Chrome OS that is effectively little more than a web browser, but this is all many users really need when it comes to using a laptop. Users will have two models to select from, with a choice between a 11.6-inch screen or a 13.3-inch model optimized for videoconferencing. Both models are planned for release sometime next month.

Finally, Apple is also preparing for a new product release in the form of an upgraded iPad 4, which they hope to fit into the current price slot of the iPad 2. When the iPad Air was released, Apple was prompted to discontinue the iPad 4, since the $399 iPad2 fit the niche for an economy model, while the Air met the needs for a more advanced tablet. However, as newer products come out the iPad 2 does not stack up to the competition, and Apple is planning on upgrading the iPad4 and offering it at the same price. At this time, it is unknown if Apple will be continuing the iPad 2 as a “cheap iPad” for a much lower price.

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