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March 24, 2014

SIM Provisioning Made Simpler Through SaaS Offering

To mobile operators, time is money. New subscribers are coming in every year in droves. People move from one carrier to another constantly, and prepaid subscribers need their numbers fast. There really is no time to waste when it comes to provisioning SIM cards, and it's not very easy to manage them all with the current systems in place.

But one company may have a different approach that might take things a little bit further. Evolving Systems, the company that came out with Dynamic SIM Allocation (DSA) back in 2008, has launched an SaaS version of its software. For the last six years since DSA has been introduced, Asian, European, African, and Central American operators have switched over to this new method of SIM card activation.

Thad Dupper, CEO of Evolving Systems, said, “Over the past six years, our DSA solution has enabled wireless operators the world over to cut the costs of provisioning SIM cards and improve efficiency in resource utilization, while driving more effective marketing campaigns, engaging more closely with customers and driving up loyalty levels. With SaaS DSA we are offering these benefits as a part of a hosted model using a software-as-a-service approach. This will enable operators to tap into all the advantages of dynamic provisioning quickly and easily with minimal upfront capital investment.”

DSA allows telecommunications operators to give their customers a choice in phone numbers and personalization options that could improve retention. It solves numerous problems presented in legacy pre-provisioning software and practices that were pervasive since the 90s when cell phones started to surge in the consumer market. Now, the solution is appearing in SaaS, eliminating the capital expenditure involved in running an in-house solution and instead transforming it into opex. The fact that it's hosted also presents a convenience for operators who need something up and running as quickly as possible, making it possible to deploy DSA in only a few weeks.

With this leaner, faster solution, mobile operators may start adopting at faster rates, as usually happens when software starts working to fit as many business models as possible.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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