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March 26, 2014

Bell and Howell Launch Mobile Mail App with Xplor

An electronic document is a piece of data that requires a computer or any other electronic device to display, interpret and process what is on the document. Even though the process of creating an electronic document is now quiet simple, it gets more complex as the data on the document becomes more valuable. This includes contracts, financial information and other data with compliance regulations on how it should be stored and for how long.

The Electronic Document Systems Association, also known as Xplor International, is a not-for-profit association that engages technology users in the design, production and distribution of documents delivered through print, web and mobile devices. One of the association members, Bell & Howell, a global provider of multi-channel communications solutions, has launched a new mobile app for the Xploration 14 Customer Communications Conference March 25 through March 27 at the Wyndham Orlando Resort International Drive in Florida.

The mobile app was designed to give industry members and mobile professionals in the document market around the world resources for sharing information, networking and education. The goal is to provide leadership in the document and customer communications industry with a method that can simplify the collaborative process no matter where one is located.

According to Bell & Howell, the app has been put together so member of the association can promote conferences by announcing the availability and registration of attendees, newsletters and webcasts with ease.

Currently the app is available on Android and iOS platforms for download through Apple App and Google Play stores as well as the association's website.

"We have developed mobile technology that can be easily white-labeled and deliver branded, opt-in, fast-response communications to customers via their smartphones. Our mobile mail solutions can deliver secure personalized bills, statements and marketing messages via a branded mobile mail app without the high costs and complexity of developing one internally," said Ramesh Ratan, CEO of Bell and Howell.

As a trade focused on transaction documents, XPLOR was founded in 1980 specializing in bank statements, bills, insurance policies and other legally relevant documents which at that time were printed, mailed or electronically delivered. With the growth of the Internet, email and mobile devices, the organization began incorporating these technologies into the association and as part of the document delivery mechanism.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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