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March 26, 2014

BT Implements GENBAND Diameter Signaling Controllers for Cost-effective Roaming for Global MNOs

BT is one of the top providers of communication services and solutions around the world, so the decisions that they make carry an extra weight in the industry. One of their most recent decisions is the announcement made earlier today that they have chosen the GENBAND QUANTiX Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) for expanding their current Global IP Exchange (GIPX) solution with better LTE signaling and more efficient data roaming exchange capabilities for Mobile Network Operator (MNO) customers around the world.

GENBAND is already a leader in smart networking solutions for service providers in over 80 countries, but this decision cements their credibility as an expert in secure, profitable, scalable and efficient IP networks. BT’s goal is to use the GENBAND QUANTiX DSC to enable better cooperation and compatibility between LTE networks to give roaming subscribers a stronger and easier connection when they are on the road.

BT’s Wholesale Head of GIPX signaling, messaging and Numbering claims that “Our strong relationship with GENBAND has helped to accelerate the growth of our wholesale network, supporting rapid expansion of our global footprint and enhancments to our GIPX services that meet customer demand for international roaming and increasingly data hungry applications.” Subscribers that are roaming internationally still need access to critical services like restaurant locaters and navigation apps, and the GENBAND QUANTiX DSC helps make them run smoothly.

LTE is widely deployed around the world, but more than 260 LTE networks in service around the globe, interoperability between them is both slow and expensive. This can be incredibly frustrating for roaming mobile device users, but improved interworking between LTE networks can alleviate these concerns. Not only can data stream faster, but MNOs could reduce roaming charges in turn, and both of these changes lead to vastly improved customer satisfaction.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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