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April 07, 2014

What Do Fans' Mobile Devices Have to Do with the Final Four?

As America settled in to watch the beginning of the Final Four and eventually the game that will determine this year’s NCAA Basketball national champion, one company decided to compare the schools’ fan bases in a kind of Final Four of who was most in need of mobile device protection.

In order to carry out the study, the company took a look at user data from each school’s regional area and measured the frequency of mobile replacements for smartphones and tablets.

ProtectCell analyzed all of this information and has announced it found that the University of Florida fans are bound to be a bit clumsier than the fans of the school they recently lost to like UCONN. The company announced that Gators fans are actually 48 percent more inclined to need a replacement mobile device than Huskies supporters.

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On the other side of the bracket, ProtectCell said that Wisconsin fans are about 31 percent more likely to need to get a replacement device because of their initial gadget breaking or being lost than those who support Kentucky.

“Casualties of technology are not uncommon amongst passionate sports fans,” observed ProtectCELL chief marketing officer Scott McLaren through his company’s recent release about the study. “With the tournament coming to a close, we are sure to hear new stories of mobile devices lost or destroyed along the way. ProtectCELL is happy to offer mobile protection plans for our less fortunate Wisconsin and Florida fans – and anyone else looking to protect their device during the heat of battle – this tournament season and beyond.”

It wouldn’t seem as if one fan base being more accident prone than another should be able to predict the winner of basketball games, but it should be pointed out that both groups who were more likely to need to replace their mobile devices each saw their team lose in the Final Four. On the opposite side, both fan bases that protected their phones and tablets now get to watch their school’s square off for the national championship.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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