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April 10, 2014

Is The LG G Pad 8.3 Living Up to Expectations?

Until recently, the enterprise world depended on its own servers for backups and disaster recovery. The problem with this model is that enterprises also need to run their businesses. In other words, maintaining backups takes time away from any potentially profit-gaining activities. For this reason, many of them started migrating files to an explosively-growing segment of the tech industry: cloud backup providers.

Still, others decided to remain with the on-site model. What kind of solution exists for them? Eventually, the cloud came up with an answer in the form of private cloud servers. For those who have many regulations to follow and keep everything within your facilities, this is the kind of solution to adopt.

Synametrics Technology, a private cloud backup provider, has developed a piece of software called Syncrify which leverages your own IT infrastructure to back up files in a private cloud server controlled by your company. It allows you to create a central repository within your enterprise to back up all of the data from every segment of your entire network.  The newest features added to the software last week make it a much more integrated solution. It now can be used through Microsoft Exchange (minimum version 2010).  It automatically configures your router with UpnP support, and contains a troubleshooter that will hold your hand through difficult and frustrating networking situations.

Rather than store your files all willy-nilly on some remote server where some government or private organization can have a peek, you can just keep a strict on-site model where everything is centralized to one particular facility. With Syncrify, you not only get this sweet deal, but you are also working with something called rsync, a software/network protocol that synchronizes files and folders between multiple locations in a minimalistic fashion (uses less bandwidth) and provides the groundwork for using SSH. To explain this more succinctly, you get extremely fast file synchronization with the possibility for end-to-end encryption.

Syncrify is also able to detect what changes were made to a particular file, synchronizing only what changed rather than uploading the entire file. This lowers the burden on your processing power requirements, your bandwidth requirements, and the number of disks you need to keep running at all times. It greens your business and lowers operating expenditures. What more could you ask for from your backup solution?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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